Standard Poodle Austraian Shepherd running in snow
a smart combination of Poodle and Australian Shepherd


We are combining gorgeous Australian Shepherds with fabulous Poodles to bring you Aussiedoodles you can let yourself fall in love with!

Two of the smartest and most devoted breeds have been combined to bring you the Aussiedoodle. These dogs are devoted to pleasing their masters. Of course they still need lots of care, grooming, and obedience classes to grow up healthy and happy.

Our dogs are raised in the house with us and live as part of our family, going on outings to the river and hikes in the mountains. Our dogs are taken to their Veterinarians regularly. We want our puppies to only go into the best of homes to live long happy lives.

We are located in Northern California.

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merle aussiedoodle
Miniature Aussiedoodle

blue merle Australian Shepherd

Miniature Australian Shepherd

mini poodle

Miniature Poodle

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