Standard Poodle Austraian Shepherd running in snow
a smart combination of Poodle and Australian Shepherd

OzzyBear Flurry McFurry
blue merle
Flurry is our beautiful blue eyed miniature Ausstralian Shepherd blue merle girl, with tan markings and lots of white!
She has an undocked tail, as we prefer our dogs to be able to show all their expression with the help of their tails.
blue merle
blue merle Aussie girl
Flurry at 5 months surveying the world from her elevated bed outside. She is very undemanding and likes to be outside just as much as indoors, even preferring to be out on cold days.

blue merle Australian Shepherd pup

Flurry at 3 months old on the porch swing.
blue merle Aussie pup
Here she is at 2 months old playing with a toy mouse.






merle aussiedoodle
Miniature Aussiedoodle

blue merle Australian Shepherd

Miniature Australian Shepherd

mini poodle

Miniature Poodle

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