Standard Poodle Austraian Shepherd running in snow
a smart combination of Poodle and Australian Shepherd

merle aussiedoodle
blue merle Australian Shepherd mini poodle
"Ashes" "Flurry" "Diablo"

We searched all over and have chosen the best breeding stock for our purposes that we could find for the foundation of our Aussiedoodles. We selected based on looks, health and temperament. All of our dogs are loving, easily trained, healthy and beautiful. The're healthy so they won't pass on any known health problems to future generations. They are active but not hyper. They will play and run outside, but will settle down in the house if given enough exercise.

We select for thick lush healthy coats, long straight legs, correct movement, short back to equal leg length. Small chest, large bone, sweet expression

Our dogs are given an excellent raw diet of turkey, whole chicken, beef heart, pork shoulder, ribs, liver, eggs and yogurt. They also get Innova Evo, Canidae and Kirkland kibble.